Stainless Steel Edition

WindFall POS Stand for iPad

Stainless Steel premium edition.

The WindFall iPad POS stand is beautifully sleek and smart, complementing your iPad and your POS app. This premium edition is laser-cut from one thick piece of high-grade stainless steel, directionally brushed, then electropolished to create a beautiful finish with extraordinary shine. Perfect for high traffic installations.

Attach the iDynamo Credit Card Swiper to either side of the iPad depending on your preference (or employee handedness) to securely swipe cards. The front of the WindFall presses against the swiper so it stays tightly fastened to the iPad. Note: iDynamo integration only available in iPad 2 and iPad 3 non-retina display because it plugs into the 30 pin port.

This stand was designed to be adaptable to any countertop and security preference. It comes with PivotTable - a disk that allows full WindFall rotation without bolting to your counter, easily allowing customer signatures for credit transactions. Pair with the Kensington ClickSafe Lock for additional security. The lock latches into the front of WindFall or the back base. Watch this video to see how to use WindFall in your space. Purchase Clevis Pin hardware ($10) to bolt WindFall to your counter for "Pivot & Slide" setup.

Included in the box:

Stainless Steel Frame, Backplate, PivotTable disk, optional Adhesive strips, Tamper Resistant Screws, Security Hex Key, Plastic Washers, 4 Sliding Feet, 4 Non-Sliding Feet.


For iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad w/ retina display only. Built in the USA by Heckler Design. iPad, uDynamo, iDynamo, and Kensington lock not included.

Manufacturer: Heckler Design