Reseller FAQ's

Simply stated, it means that you are free to sell any other point of sale products to your customers assuming that you have not acquired the customer lead through the reseller website's free leads.

You can make money in several ways. First, you will charge MSRP for the software or hardware purchased from us, and will make a profit when you purchase at a discount. Second, you can charge any fair price for customer service, support, setup, or any other service you offer.

No, we do not give out territories at this time. We do however, allow you to claim any lead available to you in the system as your own. Additionally, our product must be sold at MSRP so you will not be undercut by any other PointOS reseller on the software or hardware available from us.

The PointOS software and any hardware you buy through us must be sold at MSRP, as shown on the pointos website. However, you may charge any fair price for customer service, support, setup, or any other service you offer. You may also sell hardware of different serial numbers for any fair price you like to PointOS cusotmers.

This is done to protect you from being undercut by other resellers. No authorized reseller is able to come in and sell the same prodcuts for less than we charge. Additionally, you will not be competing against, because we do not offer setup or any other on site service. So, your customers will not be price shopping the product with anyone else.

Software once purchased, the customer will receive an email with their serial number. This occurs usually within an hour of purchase. Hardware is shipped from New Jersey and usually ships same day, and will arrive within 3-5 business days. This can either be shipped to you or the customer.

We get new leads weekly from public records on businesses that have applied for any documents related to the hospitality industry. These include building permits, liquor licenses, and change of ownership documents.

All leads include general information about the business, mailing address, phone, and email, and usually have website addresses as well.

No, once you decide to market to a customer lead, you will be able to claim that lead. It will disappear from the system to any reseller but you.

We get roughly 200-300 new leads weekly, and you will have access to only those leads in your state. So, the number of leads depends on the current volume of leads coming in, and the state you do business in.

The contract is non-exclusive so you can sell other prodcuts, and you can cancel at anytime

We sell exclusively online and never go onsite, so you may sell any kind of setup like hardware, software, and network. Additionally, you can charge for database entry or other software setup services. You may also establish a service contract with your customers.

Absolutely, we can aide you in any way possible to help you learn how to use PointOS Professional. The more you know about the software, the better you'll be able to sell it.

Yes, the server portion of PointOS only needs to be installed on one computer on the network, and you can have multiple networked workstations.

Absolutely, if you are currently selling another product, just provide some proof to your current sales volume and we will fit you into our pricing accordingly.

Yes, part of being non-exclusive, is we have no problem being the affordable solution you pitch when you are about to lose a customer entirely due to the large price of other systems.

Hardware can be returned within 30 days if not open, and maybe eligible for return if it is in new quality and has the original packaging. All software sales are final. Because PointOS offers a FREE 30 day evaluation to ensure that this product will meet your needs without the need to purchase, there will be absolutely NO REFUNDS on our software. We make available for download a free trial version of each product we offer. Customers are encouraged to download the free trial version and test it prior to purchasing a license to the release version of the applicable product. Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software cannot be returned once a serial number is issued and it has been installed. Accordingly, it is our policy that once we have distributed a release version to a customer, the sale is final, and you may not return the software for a refund or credit.