Rest iPad Stand

The @Rest iPad Stand has a beautifully simple design. Not only does it complement your iPad, it complements your simple iPad POS app. It's just one steel base with adjustable pads and pegs so you can adjust to your needs.

In addition to the base, you'll get two adjustable resting pegs, two adhesive foam resting pads for your iPad to lean against, and four adhesive feet. It's a flexible setup, and you can even choose whether you want a 30 or 60 degree viewing angle. Also, not only does this stand work great for iPads, it works great for any tablet and can be used with any case up to 0.8in (it can even hold a MacBook Pro!)

Weighing in at 3 hefty pounds, this tough little stand can bear the weight of countless POS transactions. And if you'd like to secure the @Rest to your counter, you can screw it down through the slots in the steel base.

This stand works great with the iDynamo credit card swiper. When you process a credit card sale, simply pick up the iPad and flip to the customer so they can sign with their finger on the screen and enter in a tip (if you've enabled that function). Then you just set it back down and your iPad is at rest! Or, have an employee draw an "x" on the screen and print out the receipt for the customer to sign.

Available in 4 solid colors: Bright Red, Sky White, Graphite and Silver. Built in the USA by Heckler Design. iPad not included.

Manufacturer: Heckler Design
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